Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Biofuel: New shine for India

Biofuel produces almost 50-60% less green house gas compared diesel. Biofuel development in India centers mainly around the cultivation and processing of Jatropha plant seeds which are very rich in oil (40%). Jatropha oil has been used in India for several decades as biodiesel for the diesel fuel requirements of remote rural and forest communities. Jatropha has the potential to provide economic benefits at the local level since under suitable management it has the potential to grow in dry marginal non-agricultural lands, thereby allowing villagers and farmers to leverage non-farm land for income generation. 

As well, increased Jatropha oil production delivers economic benefits to India on the macroeconomic or national level as it reduces the nation's fossil fuel import bill for diesel production (the main transportation fuel used in the country); minimizing the expenditure of India's foreign-currency reserves for fuel allowing India to increase its growing foreign currency reserves (which can be better spent on capital expenditures for industrial inputs and production). And since Jatropha oil is carbon-neutral, large-scale production will improve the country's carbon emissions profile.

Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are taking lead for it. Let's wish all the very best !!

What's your take? When would you switch to Biofuel? What factors you would consider while switching over?

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klm said...

and you have to take into account that jatropha is still a weed rather than an optimized industrial crop. there is still a lot of potential to come.