Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Learn to drive a car: It’s different

We happen to visit a Car Driving School just out-of-curiosity. It teaches citizens to drive cars with hands-on on the road. That everybody does, located on every good cross-roads of the city in India. But, it was a different in many aspects. This one also teaches traffic rules, driving etiquette, caring the car tricks, etc. Still the most exciting feature we liked most was their inbuilt simulation exercise.

They have computer simulation software pertaining to car driving with different situations (day, night, heavy traffic, less traffic, hill area, rainy conditions, etc.). The candidate is trained for first four days, daily one hour on this replica of car with three screens of computers. Then, the candidate is exposed to real road for 15 days.

This simulation helps a lot. The most important is saving of the fuel and saving of the environment. The 4 days of simulation exercise is equivalent to 8 days of travel on the road. The candidate learns systematically and gets quickly acquainted with terms, language and techniques.

This is another beautiful example of how IT or software application can solve environmental problems with increase in ease.

We must spot such endevour for the benefits of our own selves.

Happy Learning !!
Team - OliveTrips.com

P.S: It’s Maruti Driving School, a venture by Indian car-maker Maruti.

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