Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Which is the best fuel?

In India, four fuels are widely used for transportation: Petrol, Diesel, CNG and Autogas (LPG). All are priced differently, moreover the vehicles (especially cars) give different mileage with different fuel. Technically, two fuels are measured in Kg and other two are in Litre. On the top of it, one need to consider the environment, hence which fuel helps one to protect the environment by emitting less pollutants? 

Let's try to answer those unanswered questions.

In India, the fuel prices vary widely across the state and nation. As of the date, in India the average fuel prices are as follows: 
Petrol (Gasoline): Rs 72 per Litre
Diesel: Rs 45 per Litre
CNG: Rs 41 per Kg
Autogas (LPG): Rs 43 per Kg

We will consider the most popular cars: Tata Indica and Maruti Wagon R. Take the distance of 1000 KM. Petrol would cost Rs 4500, Autogas would cost Rs 3878, Diesel would cost 2973 and the most economical is CNG costing only Rs 1849.

Now let's evaluate these four fuels based on CO2 emissions for 1000 KM. Diesel would emit almost 96,000 Litre of Carbon Dioxide. The second worst is Autogas as it would emit 84,000 Litre of CO2. Petrol is no longer better, as it would emit 80,000 Litre of CO2. The champion is again CNG, as it would emit 43,000 Litre of CO2.

It's clear that CNG is the most economical and green fuel. 
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Sumeet said...

Absolutely spot on.

OliveTrips said...

Yes, Sumeet.

The complexities have been addressed here to make it simple and decisive.

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pratz said...

Great Article!
Thanks for sharing!
Now I know which fuel to opt for as a secondary fuel for my Petrol Car

Thanks Again!