Wednesday, 7 September 2011

20 Carpools + 20 days + 20 KM = ??

This is the era of T20. Let’s evaluate carpool statistics with 20:20:20 principles.

If 20 carpools are formed for 20 days, the distance is 20 KM (one-way). They decide to share each car among 4 members only, hence, 80 smart and responsible persons are involved. 

The result is phenomenal. 

It will save 3147 Litre of Petrol in just 20 days. The group will make direct savings of Rs 2,20,000 only on fuel. What about the pollution? It will reduce the Carbon Dioxide by 40 Lakh Litre.

This is the beautiful outcome of power of 20:20:20 clubbed with smart decision.

Happy Sharing !!

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