Monday, 19 September 2011

10 points to get best of your fuel

  1. Always insist for better quality and quantity of fuel from very reputed and reliable retail outlet. If you are satisfied, don’t change the outlet.
  2. Maintain optimum air pressure in the wheels. Check it every fortnightly.
  3. Keep Engine in better condition, so it will keep you in better condition.
  4. Get timely service. Don’t be lazy or apply procrastination here. It may cost much more than you have ever thought.
  5. Drive gently with proper usage of gear and clutch.
  6. Drive in 45-60 KMPH band to get best mileage.
  7. Avoid frequent usage of gear change, clutch and brake.
  8. Switch off the engine in idle condition. It’s better to switch off if idling is more than 25 Sec.
  9. Take better and less congested route, even though it’s 10-15% longer.
  10. Discuss and Share your views and ways for better mileage with your colleagues, experts, friends about it.
Have more smiles per mile.

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