Saturday, 16 July 2011

Try ‘Spellathon’ in carpool

Bhaumik Mehta residing in the western part of India, travels 70 km to go to office everyday. It takes one and a quarter hour. The same is the situation while he returns to home. He used to drive alone his Maruti Swift, when he changed his job for better growth perspective. It continued for a month or so. Then, he adopted the concept of carpool. Through various information networks, he was able to find 3 like-minded executives. Then, a new journey started. Now, he is no more alone.

Bhaumik got three corporate friends: Jayesh, Sinchan and Dileep. Jayesh had Hyudai i20, Sinchan had Tata Indica, while Dileep had Ford Figo. They decided to have in alphabetic order. So first week Bhaumik, then next week Dileep, So on. So now, each of them drives his car for a week in the month. Initially for two weeks, they were not to clear what to do while travelling, as three persons got free time now. Then, Dileep suggested the idea to do activities to make travel interesting. They started with ‘Spellathon’.

First person contributes a spelling with a pronunciation and a meaning. Next person contributes a spelling which is starting from the last letter of first spelling. Then, the same is continued. For better quality of words and enhancement of vocabulary, a spelling must consist of at least 4 characters. The limit can go up based on level of expertise of the group.

Bhaumik says “now I am empowered with vocabulary thanks to Dileep, Spellathon and Carpool. I had never imagined that we can do such fruitful activities with fun while travelling. Earlier I used to take travelling as a routine task. Now, it’s secondary. ”

What’s your opinion about such activities while travelling? Which one you prefer most? Write to us at, if we like we will include with your names.

Happy Journey !!

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