Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Parking woes.....

It is common saying for maya nagari Mumbai that it is easy to find food for eating but difficult to find the shelter. Let extend the same to cars. One can own it easily but when it comes to parking; it is a nightmare. Because of growing economy, technical innovations and continuously improving financial situations of the citizens; now car is easily affordable than ever before. There is a change in mindset of common citizens also, resulting into paradigm shift from savings to spending. So, one can fulfill the life-dream of owning a car or cars.

The key question is where to be parked? Anyway, citizens are able to tackle the issue and make arrangement for parking at their residents. Now, where to park when you drive it to city or any other congested area. It may be attending an event or going to workplace or going for shopping. Many times, owner needs to walk a lot (may be a KM) from where the car is parked. More away you park it; you would feel unsafe about it. 

There could be various solutions to this burning issue. Few are an expensive. Few are very advanced and not feasible as of now. Travelling together or in a group is one of the solutions. This is very much feasible and it’s rewarding in terms of cost.

It reduces the vehicle’s presence at the destination. By doing carpool or vanpool, you are contributing a lot directly in addressing the issue of parking. Now, the vehicle would be parked more closely to you. You will feel relaxed. You need to be relaxed and happy to live longer, isn’t it?

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