Monday, 23 May 2011

Back of your seat

You are happy and top of the world by owning your car. There is a great probability that you may have fallen in love with your car. You consider it as a status symbol and a great utility. You feel so proud by using it like you have invented and designed it. You also say that I am almost handicapped without my car. You are so much dependent on your lovely car. You may be little curious to know that what's going on back of your driving seat. 

The personal automobile is the single largest polluter in this world. Driving a private car that is probably the most air polluting activity. Yep, it is little difficult to justify. Do you know that 1 Litre of Petrol (Gasoline) produces how much Carbon Dioxide (CO2)? Any guesses? No it's not 1 Litre or 10 Litre. Now, you will say 100 Litre. No, still you are away from the answer. Ok, then you will say One Thousand Litre. Yea, it is whopping 1278 Litre of CO2. You can fill 1278 bottles of 1 litre each. You can fill 106 buckets CO2 of 12 litre each. To put it differently, if you fill your tank with 23 litres of Petrol, you would drive around 322 KM (@14 KM/L) and your car will produce Carbon Dioxide which can occupy a decent room of 10 ft X 10 ft having height of 10 ft. Just Imagine the volume of pollutants.

If you using Diesel, then it will produce 14% more CO2 than Petrol. One litre of Diesel produces 1462 Litres of CO2, which is equivalent to 2.63 Kg of CO2. CNG and Autogas are more enviro-friendly fuels producing 35-43% less pollution than Diesel.

You have full right to enjoy your journey in your own private and favourite vehicle. But also give thoughts to three questions:
How can I help my environment? 
How can I leave less carbon footprints on road, back of my seat? 
How can I justify my travel and associated pollution?